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  • How do you prefer to communicate? Is emailing, calling, or texting best when trying to reach you?
    We prefer to keep all communication to email. This helps us stay as organized as possible not only for you, but for all of our clients. If we schedule a phone call, we will always follow it up with an email, detailing what we spoke about. You can reach us at
  • Where are you located?
    We are based in Northern New Jersey.
  • What if I live outside of the NY Metro area? Do you travel?
    Hell yeah! Our passports are current and TSA PreCheck has been acquired. Where are we going? Can it be Italy?
  • I'm totally new to being photographed and I'm afraid of looking awkward. Will you help me pose?
    Absolutely! We will help to prompt you through different natural looking poses. Not everyone we shoot comes from a professional modeling background, so you're in great hands.
  • If my session package is 3 hours, can we break those hours up throughout the day or week?
    Our coverage is consecutive. For example, if your 3-hour session is scheduled to start at 12:00pm, the end time will be 3:00pm that same day.
  • Who owns the copyright to my photos?
    This is very important, as these laws can be confusing to some. As a general rule, photographers own the rights to any photos they take. You have the freedom to share and utilize the images delivered for personal use, but there are licenses to consider if the images are being used for any type of commercial purposes.
  • Will any of the photos from our session end up on your website portfolio, social media, or blog entry?
    It's very possible, but not promised. As with any business, it's important for photographers to showcase their work to attract more clients.
  • Will you send me RAW files so I can edit them the way I see fit?
    Although we always shoot in RAW, we do not deliver RAW images. We do, however, deliver high-resolution, color corrected, lightly (natural looking) retouched images. Should you require additional retouching, we are happy to discuss those rates.
  • Will you help with planning locations and wardrobe?
    Of course! During our Action Plan video call, we will discuss color scheme, potential props, locations, and go over for our ideal shot list. I'm also happy to refer some incredibly talented wardrobe stylists!
  • Do you choose the final photos for me?
    You pick your favorite images!
  • Do I need to know my brand design and brand colors?
    Yes! For personal branding shoots, having a color scheme will be a key factor in creating cohesive images that elevate your brand and attract your ideal clients. If you're in search of brand designers, we would be happy to give you a few referrals.
  • How many outfit changes are included?
    We can do up to 6 outfits for a half day and up to 12 looks for the full day. You'll have fresh content for months!
  • Does my session include a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist?
    Your session fees do not include hair and makeup, but we have access to some of the greatest talents in the New York tri-state area! We will hook you up with a referral who will have you looking and feeling like your absolute best self. Great news- If we're traveling out of our area to where ever you are in the country, we have amazing contacts all over. In addition to being a Photographer, Jaxx has been a Professional Makeup Artist since 2009 and her artistry network spans across the United States and beyond.
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